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What's for dinner?...Help us help you.

Want to share your experience of family dinner for research?

In many households around the globe, parents cringe as their offspring innocently, and often hungrily demand "What's for dinner?"

Or do they?

We want to know all about this, but we also want to know WHO does most of cooking, and how the labor of the family meal is shared between parents.

Is it a matter of talent, time or fairness?

Truth is, there's not a lot of data about the roles parents take on when it comes to family dinner in 2020, and we'd like to find out more.

We know the world has changed a lot in the past 30 years, but we don't know how this has impacted who peels what, who decides the menu and how parents deal with the daily dinner dilemma. Toss in the changing role of women in the workplace, food sources and the glut of health information available to all parents, and you've got yourself an interesting shopping list of factors that influence what winds up on the plate, and who has put it there.

Our latest research project aims to find out more about this and we're reaching out to households with two parents and at least one child between 5-12 years old to capture your experiences so we can better understand what's going on, how this has changed, and how we might design better supports for families at dinnertime.

Are you a parent in a dual headed household interested in discussing your experiences with family food tasks?

Do you have at least one child aged between 5-12 years old?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, we'd love to invite you and your partner to participate in a 60-minute interview via video call to discuss who cooks, who shops and who helps at family meal times.

Your experiences will help us better understand how family food tasks may be shared more equally between parents.


or message @sharingtheloadstudy on our Facebook Page


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