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We're connected! Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more....

Welcome to our official Food Culture Health Blog, a space where we'll be sharing insights, findings and tales from our world-class social eating research. Our research collective, based at Flinders University in the very foodie state of South Australia, researches the relationship between food, culture and health, for the benefit of individuals, families, and communities.

Our research has measured the ways that social eating programs can reduce loneliness in our elderly population; examined how families that eat together can achieve better health and well being outcomes, and looked at the role that social eating can play in building social capital and a sense of belonging amongst groups whose language and cultural background are not always represented in the mainstream.

Our talented team of researchers, PhD students and honours candidates are continually researching, publishing and translating findings into practice so that everyone can benefit.

Our mantra is simple:

The International Research Collective of Food Culture Health is changing the world one meal at a time.

We're starting 2020 with a bang by launching our sparkly new website and social media pages. That's right! We'll be using Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep our finger on the pulse, so come and follow, like and retweet!

Our Research Collective is closely connected to our community. The world is our lab, and we are constantly seeking partnerships with Community Groups, Government Agencies, NGOs and most Food Businesses. If you're interested in participating in our research or teaming up on linkage project, we'd love to hear from you!

Our new website is also up and running. You can find our staff profiles, ongoing projects, links to our partners and clients, and more. You can visit it anytime, and we regularly post information about upcoming projects, recruitment information for Honours and PhD students, breaking news and more.

We look forward to seeing you all online!



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